Longmont Land Development Code a Win-Win

We've seen a recent win-win for both commercial sectors and Historic Eastside residents with what we've been calling a "Transition Zone." As Paula Fitzgerald, of the HENA Leadership Team puts it, the compatibility section of the new Land Development Code encourages "...high quality development...and protects residents who live next door to commercial uses. It’s a win-win … Continue reading Longmont Land Development Code a Win-Win

Show up & stand up for the Transition Zone on July 24th 

Please support the Transition Zone on the east side of Kimbark. It abuts Lower Downtown, so it applies to properties adjacent to our RLE zone. (Technically speaking, the Transition Zone is the Residential Compatibility section of the new Land Development Code). The city council meeting on July 24th to should be the first of two readings before it becomes … Continue reading Show up & stand up for the Transition Zone on July 24th 

Next Neighborhood Walk and Trash Pickup Sunday July 8th, 10 am.

Neighbors are invited to our periodic neighborhood walks. Right now Richard Showers is holding them every 2 weeks on Sunday mornings, 10 am. Details of the walks are also posted on Facebook. The purpose of the walks is to get to know our neighbors (handshake), and walk around our neighborhood and pick-up trash (footprint). Bring … Continue reading Next Neighborhood Walk and Trash Pickup Sunday July 8th, 10 am.

Train Noise / Quiet Zones

More information on train noise is coming soon... Related: Podcast: Both Sides of Center (Longmont Observer) (5/25/2018) Sarah Levison and Paul Tiger talk about Longmont issues and politics. https://longmontobserver.org/podcasts/podcast-both-sides-of-center-episode-14/   Opinion: Richard Jacobi: Longmont's Train Noise Problem (5/28/2017) https://longmontobserver.org/opinion/longmonts-train-noise-problem/ Longmont Eastside residents getting noisy over train quiet zones (5/6/2016) http://www.timescall.com/longmont-local-news/ci_29860651/longmont-eastside-residents-getting-noisy-over-train-quiet

Parking issues on the Eastside

HENA has been working more closely with the Lower Downtown Development Authority (LDDA) recently to come up with win-win solutions to complex problems around liveability, sustainability and transportation issues that affect us all. Related: Downtown Longmont Parking Study Implementation July 2017 Persistent concerns from residents over the proposed use of dedicated (and diagonal) parking spots … Continue reading Parking issues on the Eastside

Short Term Rentals

Longmont City Council offers direction on regulating short-term rentals (2/8/18) Longmont's City Council gave the city staff additional directions Tuesday night about what restrictions and conditions it would like included in potential legalization of the practice of short-term rentals of homes or bedrooms within homes....   Read the full article at the Longmont Times Call … Continue reading Short Term Rentals

Historic Eastside Revitalization Plan (2006)

Back in 2006, the Historic Eastside was struggling somewhat as a neighborhood. The City of Longmont funded us to come up with our most pressing needs. We worked together to identify projects, programs and action steps that would enhance the appearance, preserve the character and improve the public and private properties of the neighborhood. Read … Continue reading Historic Eastside Revitalization Plan (2006)