Earth Day Celebrations in Collyer Park Spring 2017

HENA was the proud recipient of a Neighborhood Improvement grant from the City of Longmont for 2017 that enabled us to increase environmental sustainability as well as our community connections.

The grant was in two parts:

  1. Collaborating with the staff and children of Columbine Elementary School, located right in the heart of the Historic Eastside. It was a day of both education about our local trees and Earth Day celebrations.
Earth Day 2017
Earth Day education and celebrations in Collyer Park 2017



2. Replacing dead and dying ash trees.

  • We obtained 10 saplings from the city for planting to replace dying ash trees that would not otherwise have been replaced.
  • HENA provided 10 free rain-barrels to homeowners who opted in to the project. These rain-barrels were offered in return for the cost and trouble of watering the newly planted saplings in the city right-of-way directly outside their homes.

HENA’s award was for $7,500.

HENA’s in-kind contribution (which included writing and implementing the grant, creating labels for Earth Day, collaborating on Earth Day, buying rain barrels), was valued at $3,300. The project was completed in December 2017.

The grant was written by HENA Co-Chair Dido Clark, working with City Forester Ken Wicklund. A big thank you to Sharon O’Leary for purchasing and distributing the rain-barrels.

Does anyone have suggestions for our Neighborhood Improvement grant application for 2019?

What would you like to do with this grant money if we get it?