Historic Eastside Architectural Surveys

6th-emeryDetermining the historic assets in a neighborhood is the first step towards actively preserving that area.

Since 2001, HENA has been working with the City of Longmont to obtain architectural surveys of its historic homes.


Homes have been surveyed to determine how many historic and potentially historic properties were located in the neighborhood. Sometimes the information is based on the visual appearance of a building (known as a “reconnaissance” survey). Sometimes the research goes deeper, into families who lived in homes in decades past.

It’s not just the impressive or grand buildings that get attention. The stories of all families– and all historic houses, whether big or small–are worth recording and preserving.

In the Historic Eastside, work began in 2001 with the survey of 120 homes between Fourth and Eighth, along Kimbark and Emery. Work has continued ever since, spearheaded by HENA, and funded through a variety of grants, including the City of Longmont’s Neighborhood Improvement Grant, as well as state funding.

See the results of the Historic Eastside surveys at: