Great HENA annual meeting on Aug 25th

Thank you everyone for coming!

We had about 35 people, ate great food (thanks in part to the City’s Neighborhood Activities grant) and got to hang out with each other.

HENA annual meeting 8.25.18

We also talked about the status of:

  • our conservation overlay initiative
  • the upcoming Neighborhood Improvement Grant (that could be worth about $6,500 for us in 2019, if we get it). We all had a lot of ideas, so we decided to put together a survey monkey poll to find the most popular options.
  • the increasingly problematic parking issues near Downtown.
  • quiet zones. There are a few options for neighbors to pick from. HENA will be putting out another survey monkey poll to find the most popular options.
  • block captains– What a turnaround! Only three unfilled blocks now.
  • renewing our Leadership Teams. It’s been a great year, a year of true teamwork. So many people have contributed their time and expertise. Many hands make light work for sure.

We also celebrated the successes of the previous year. They include:

  • A fabulous block party! First one in years! — Linda McLaughlin & Team
  • The survey of 30 historic homes — Bob McLaughlin
  • 10 new trees planted and nurtured by neighbors that we would not otherwise have had — Sharon O’Leary
  • We recently got our Transition Zone- a win-win for us and the city — Paula Fitzgerald & Team
  • Launching this website — Mauda Moran
  • Starting an online newsletter — Dido
  • Another successful yard sale- Colette Lottar

A huge thanks to everyone for helping keep the Historic Eastside with its special sense of place, livability, and with a great sense of community!