A HENA Hero: Bob Carlson

What I like best about the Historic Eastside Neighborhood…You are probably thinking the beautiful, older homes or lush shade trees or proximity to the library.

Yes, all of that is nice, but what I like best about HENA is Bob Carlson. Bob is a great neighbor, tireless leader, and an all-around caring volunteer.


From the day Bob and his wife Lou moved into HENA, they immediately rolled up their sleeves and asked what they could do to make our neighborhood better. Organizing holiday Carriage Rides, Wine Tastings, Annual Picnics, being a Chairperson, co-chairperson, attending countless City Council, Neighborhood Group Leader, City Planning & Preservation meetings and never hesitating to walk countless blocks to ensure the delivery of our newsletter to every resident. Bob literally and figuratively “Walked the walk!”

Bob has always viewed our neighborhood from the bright side. He could flip any negative into a positive. Instead of, “A historic neighborhood is lost one home at a time,” Bob flipped it to “A historic neighborhood is saved, one home at a time.”

Bob was instrumental in finding reasons for the neighborhood to come together for social reasons instead of just during crisis. He is quick to add a kind word, constantly provides a positive perspective to an opposing point of view, and demonstrates the artful skill of just listening.

Thank you, Bob, for all you do to ensure the vitality, safety and preservation of HENA.

Your efforts have secured our neighborhood, created a sense of community and you personally modeled how one person can truly make a lifetime of a difference.

On a personal note Bob, thank you for making me a better leader and allowing me the opportunity to be your Salsa partner for three long winters!

By Sharon O’Leary, HENA Co-Chair