Message from Susan Wolak, Longmont Public Safety Department

What happens when you report illegal activity such as trespassing on residential property, littering, or other assorted violations?

The Longmont Police Department has, in the last couple of weeks, received calls from residents who live near or use our parks.

They are reporting various illegal activity, such as trespassing on residential private property, littering, public urination or defecation, and assorted park violations.

The Longmont Police Department would like to remind the community that in some cases unless an officer actually witnessed the crime, we need you as a witness to identify the persons involved and be willing to testify about the crime you witnessed them commit.

Without eyewitness testimony, from a known witness, a police officers actions may be limited and likely to result in only a warning. We need your help and your partnership.

Longmont has over 30 parks, and our staffing and call volume make round the clock enforcement impossible. We need your help and the willingness to be a good witness, if we want to hold these persons accountable for their actions.

For emergencies dial 9-1-1 and for non-emergencies call 303-651-8501.