Conservation Overlay status update


Here is what I wrote on Sept. 28, 2108:

After several meetings, Dido Clark, HENA Co-Chair, now has a verbal agreement with Joni Marsh, Head of Planning & Zoning, that they will move forward with amending the new Land Development Code to include the protections for historic character that were present in the earlier form of the code.

Simply carrying over our current protections (imperfect though they are) is what we were asking for in our proposed application.

There are many other amendments being prepared right now by the Planning & Zoning Department, and we can be part of that.

HENA believes this is a good way to go. Here’s why.

We were not given a heads up about how inordinately expensive and time consuming our conservation overlay proposal would be. Instead of pushing to get our protections grandfathered into the new  Land Code, we were encouraged to wait until AFTER after the new Land Code was in place, i.e., September 1.

By going the administrative route, however, we can alleviate the unfair burden to HENA of paying many thousands of dollars and endless hours of red tape. HENA is not a HOA and does not have that kind of money. We rely on donations from our neighbors.

The timeline to get our protections back in place should be, according to Joni Marsh, around the end of 2018. 

We will keep you informed of any new developments