Support our conservation initiative–at City Council meeting on Tues Jan 22nd by 7pm.

It’s very important for Historic Eastside residents to show up for this, as this is our big chance to get the historic protections we’ve recently lost enshrined into the new Land Development Code.

You may remember signing our petition for a Conservation Overlay (C-O) in the late summer of 2018. If you did, thank you!

Since then, however, in an effort to find the most effective, affordable solution, HENA has had to change tack.

We decided to ask for an administrative solution—one that lets us roll over the protections for historic character into a batch of “other code updates” to the new Land Development Code. In other words, we are no applying for a C-O per se but are asking for an administrative process to achieve the same result—reasonable protections for our unique, historic neighborhood.

We are simply asking City Council to extend the architectural guidelines under the previous zone to our neighborhood within the new R-SF zone.

We are asking for a rolling over of the protections we had before the Land Use Code “simplified” them out of existence. For most neighborhoods, the simplification made sense, but for our neighborhood, it does not.

Here’s the backstory:

As soon as the new Land Development Code took effect in September 2018, HENA met with Planning to explore applying a Conservation Overlay District (C-O) to the section of the neighborhood that had been in the RLE Zone.

After a couple of weeks, the Planning and Zoning Department sent the Co-Chairs of HENA (Dido Clark and Sharon O’Leary) a long list of requirements, which included notifying all property owners within the neighborhood and all those living with 1000 feet of our boundary. We viewed the process as unfeasible, as it would have been very expensive and time-consuming.

Dido Clark, Sharon O’Leary, and HENA Leadership Team member Bob McLaughlin met with Joni Marsh, the Director of Planning and Development Services, and asked for a less onerous process.

Joni could see our point, so she suggested taking a different tack–that of asking to be one of a number of amendments to the Land Development Code, scheduled for January 2019. This has to be agreed to by City Council.

So here we are—City council will be discussing this issue on Tues, Jan 22, 2019. They start at 7pm. One of us will be there to make a short public comment.

Please support us by standing to show agreement with us when we ask you to. (Feel free to talk too, of course.) Thank you!